SEPTEMBER Newsletter

The Heart Of Pals4Pets

Two of Pals4Pets sitters become so attached to the pets they were looking after that they both decided to give them forever homes.

A lovely and affectionate 8 year old Staffy called Lou. Her owner, an elderly lady, never took her out for a walk and kept her confined as her sole companion. When the owner fell and ended up in long-term care, the sitter decided to give the traumatised dog a home for the rest of its life.

Butterfly, a young cat, was left homeless when her owner died unexpectedly in hospital.   A picture sent by the sitter to the owner each day became the highlight of the sick woman’s life and when Butterfly was left bereaved, the sitter decided to become her new owner. 

Priority to Existing Clients!

The next holiday is school half-term at the end of October, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year.  If you are planning to be away at any of these times, please include us in your plans, even if they are not firmed up yet. We always give preference to existing clients.

Daily Care

For dogs like Pumba, whose owner works long hours, Pals4Pets offers a daily one-to-one dog walking service and when the owner goes abroad, we board Pumba in a home where he cannot hep becoming the star attraction.

If you would like daily services for your pet, just call us on 0208 201 1606.

Puppy Training

Monica Loosley, who has 18 years experience caring for dogs or all sizes and ages, is happy to offer help with Training Puppies.  It is in the first 6 months of a dog’s life that toilet and behaviour training are so important. Monica will  make an initial visit to set up routines and help the new owners plan for the weeks ahead and then, if required, will send in puppy trainers to break up a long day, if the puppy is to be left alone.

New Sitters More Availability!
Pals4Pets has been delighted to find some excellent new animal loving and compassionate sitters. We have new professional people who would like to house-sit, dog and cat board and dog walk and cat feed. They are based in St Pancreas, Belsize Park, Hampstead, Camden and Barnet, as well as West Kensington.