PMC twenty5.22's outclass
the competition...again


The twenty5.22 has received an unprecedented and near perfect test score of 99%, and a Five Star accolade in the multi-test in July's edition of the German publication, Stereo Magazine. The leading two-way stand mounts were put in the shade by the stunning performance of the phenomenal PMC twenty5.22.

Reviewer, Tom Farntzen, said the following about the twenty5 series stand mount speaker:

“How this loudspeaker behaved in the listening room is, in a word, breathtaking…In short, it comes extremely close to the perfect loudspeaker.”

“…is there actually anything this small PMC has to surrender to? Little to nothing, it seems.”

“The compact PMC turns out to be a highly musical loudspeaker…”

“The PMC is absolutely outstanding.”

It’s time to find a dealer and hear exactly why
STEREO & What Hi-Fi magazine were so impressed!

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