Risk Prevention Free Screening
ARPwave will do a Neuro Efficiecy Test on all home office staff members either in person if your company is in one of our market areas or remotely if not in an area where we have a medical provider. ARPwave pioneered remote screening for the most elite athletes and teams all over the world.
The test is completed in 2-3 minutes and does not require a change of clothes. This test will show you all employees who are not neurologically efficient and who are at a high risk of becoming a work comp claim.
The overwhelming number of work comp claims for back-shoulder-and carpal tunnel can be prevented by having employees who are neurologically efficient which will allow the employee to absorb 10 times the force
they can now. This means they are 10 times less likely to be injured.
We have a proven effective system which we have used with the world’s highest work comp risk category-professional athletics. We are now making this system available to companies like yours.
There is no cost for this screening and you will be amazed at the results. Please fill this short form out and we will contact you immediately to set up your screening.
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