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In preparation for our upcoming meeting, I would like to ask you 10 questions. Please share this email with your staff and colleagues as you see fit and let them respond individually.
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In regards to your current technology and processes, what frustrated you today?
What took too long, or too many people?
What caused complaints today?
What was misunderstood today?
What was too complicated?
What can be improved?
How can we help?
How satisfied are you with Visual Utility Billing's functionality? (1 Low to 5 High)
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I will bring the questions and responses to our meeting. Thank you for your thoughts.
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Diversified Technology is introducing a new utility billing system this year. We made VUB faster and more flexible by moving it to an SQL database and platform.

We are now asking you to share your thoughts for additional improvement - or simply said "How can we make your job easier?".

In management terms, how can we improve your productivity, or help improve efficiency or possibly save money?

I will bring the results of the survey to our meeting. It should make some interesting conversation.

Thank you for making VUB one of the best selling systems on the market today.

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