We sell stoves on consignment.

Good Time Stove Company is not purchasing stoves outright at this time. Our warehouses are full, we do not space or funds available for additional inventory.


If you want to sell your stove, we can enroll you in our consignment program.

When enrolled in this program, Good Time Stove Co. will attempt to sell your stove for a period of 6 - 12 months. When the stove sells, we will make arrangements to have it transported to our location in Goshen, MA where the stove will be fully restored for the purchaser. When your stove sells Good Time Stove will mail you, the seller, a check for a pre-negotiated consignment fee. To apply for enrollment in the consignment program, you must send at least one photo of your stove. Additional photos and measurements maybe required. Email photos to StovePrincess@GoodTimeStove.com. In the subject line include "Consignment + your name".

You will receive a written reply within 7 days of receiving your photos. If you do not receive a reply within 7 days, please assume that your stove is not suitable for our consignment program.

Below is a list of some of the considerations that that factor into our ability to successfully broker a stove:

  • Quality photos, dimensions and description: Good photos are a prerequisite to the successful sale of any stoves. Photos need to document the stove inside and out, from all angles with as special attention give to any areas of ornate detail, marking or other remarkable qualities. Dimensions need to be accurate. Any information, description or provinence that be provided will be very helpful.
  • Location: We do not make stove pick ups. You must be able to deliver the stove to our Goshen, Massachusetts location. Please understand that if a stove is located further than 2 hours from Goshen, Massachusetts transportation issues must be given serious consideration. We can help you make arrangements to have the stove crated and/or shipped to our Goshen, MA location.
  • Asking Price: When we negotiate the consignment fee on a stove, in addition to considering the rarity, demand and condition of a stove, we must also consider the restoration costs, nickeling costs and costs associated with updating for modern safety and installation guidelines.
  • Desirability and/or demand: Some stoves and styles are more popular than others based on the particular configuration of a stove, manufacturer, style, size or color. Some stoves take longer to sell and require additional warehousing.
  • Condition of the stove: We only broker stoves that are in good condition and are complete or almost complete. If the stove is damaged or missing parts this compromises the value and desirability of a stove.
  • Time period of the stove: We broker antique heating stoves and kitchen ranges manufactured between 1830 and 1940. We do not purchase stoves manufactured after 1940.
  • We do not broker the following items: salesman sample stoves, furnaces, broilers, radio stoves, reproduction stoves, vintage appliances or old refrigerators.
If you want to look into other avenues for selling your stove, you are welcome and encouraged to do so. You might want to consider selling your stove or stove parts on Ebay, CraigsList or with a local antique dealer.


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