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PROGRAM SELECTION - Please choose all that apply:
Adult Programs
Acting: Adult Performance (TH 8-9:45pm)
Acting: Adult Learn to Act/Scene Study (SAT 1:15-2:15pm)
Acting: Adult Private Sessions (to be scheduled)
Dance: Adult Broadway/Musical Theatre Jazz (SUN 5:30-6:45pm)
Dance: Adult Flamenco (TUE 7:30-8:30pm)
Singing: Adult Glee Vocal Ensemble (SAT 11:45am-1pm)
Singing: Adult Learn to Sing (SAT T.B.A.)
Singing: Adult Private Sessions (to be scheduled)
Kids and Teens - Dance Programs
Just Dance! Creative Movement (3-5yr SUN 2:45-3:30pm)
Primary Ballet/Jazz (5-7yr SUN 2-2:45pm)
Intro to Tap! (5-7yr SUN 3:45-4:30pm)
Junior Ballet/Jazz (8-10yr SUN 1pm-2pm)
Junior Tap (8-10yr THURS 7-7:45pm)
Intermediate Tap (11-14yr TUE 6:15-7pm)
Intermediate Ballet/Jazz (11-14yr TUE 4:30-6pm)
Senior Mixed Medley Ballet/Jazz (15-19yr TUE 4:30-6pm)
Senior Broadway Jazz (15+yrs SUN 4:30-5:45pm)
Flamenco (10yrs + TUE 7:30-8:30pm)
Kids and Teens - Acting Programs
Intro to Acting (8-10yr TH 6:15-7pm)
Intro to Acting (8-10yr SAT 11-11:45am)
Junior Acting (11-13yr SAT 2:15-3:15pm)
Acting for TV/MOVIES (10-15yr SAT 3:15-4:15pm)
Comedy - Improv/Sketch (10-15yr SAT 4:15-5:15pm)
Intermediate Acting (13-15yr MON 5:30-6:45pm)
Senior Acting (15-19yr MON 7-9pm)
Acting: Private Audition Prep (to be scheduled)
Kids and Teens - Singing Programs
'KidsPlay': Intro to Arts (5-7yr TH 4:30-5:15pm)
'KidsPlay': Intro to Arts (5-7yr SAT 9:15-10am)
Jr Voice & Music Theatre (8-11yr TH 5:15-6:15pm)
Jr Voice & Music Theatre (8-11yr SAT 10-11am)
Versatile Vocals (10-15yr WED 4pm-5:30pm)
'Glee' Vocal Ensemble (14+ yr SAT 11:45am-1pm)
Singing: Private Audition Prep (to be scheduled)
Kids and Teens - Musical Theatre Programs
'KidsPlay' Intro to Arts (5-7yr TH 4:30-5:15pm)
'KidsPlay' Intro to Arts (5-7yr SAT 9:15-10am)
Jr Voice & Music Theatre (8-11yr TH 5:15-6:15pm)
Jr Voice & Music Theatre (8-11yr SAT 10-11am)
Intermediate Music Theatre (12-15yr WED 5:30-7pm)
Senior Music Theatre (15-19yr WED 7-9pm)
Broadway/MT Jazz Dance (15yr+ SUN 4:30-5:45pm)
MT: Private Audition Prep (to be scheduled)
Teens - O.S.S.D Credit Courses - All Disciplines - grades 9 through 12
Intermediate Drama OSSD (gr 9 MON 5:30-6:45pm)
Senior Drama Perf. OSSD (gr 10/11/12 MON 7-9pm)
Co-Op OSSD: Producing & Stage Managing (gr 11/12 MON & WED 7-9pm)
Intermediate Ballet/Jazz OSSD (gr 9 TU 5-6:15pm)
Senior Ballet/Jazz OSSD (gr 10/11/12 TU 6:30-8pm)
Intermediate MT OSSD (gr 9 WED 5:30-7pm)
Senior MT Perf. OSSD (gr 10/11/12 WED 7-9pm)
Versatile Vocals OSSD (gr 9 WED 4pm-5:30pm)
'Glee' Vocal Ensemble OSSD (gr 10/11/12 SAT 11:45am-1pm)
Summer Camp Selection
ACTING FOR MOVIES/TV! (8-16yrs; $295) Aug 5-8/2014
COOL SHOTS! Music Video (10-16yrs; $395) Aug 11-15/2014
DO-IT-ALL (8-11yrs; $590) July 7-18/2014
DO-IT-ALL (12-16yrs; $590) July 7-18/2014
KidsPlay - Mornings (4-7yrs; $170) July 21-25/2014
KidsPlay - Afternoons (4-7yrs; $170) July 21-25/2014
KidsPlay - ALL DAY (4-7yrs: $325) July 21-25/2014
MAKE ‘EM LAUGH! (10-16yrs; $295) July 28-Aug 1/2014

METHOD OF PAYMENT - Please Invoice Me:*
Pay full course fee by 1 chq
Pay full course fee by 3 chqs (applicable to fees of $500+)
Pay full course fee by credit card (applicable to fees of $500+)
SUMMER CAMPS ~ pay full fee by 1 chq
WORKSHOPS ~ pay full fee by 1 chq


It’s our hope that every student Registrant can stay in their course for the season. Program withdrawals for valid health purposes will be processed and remainder of fee refunded immediately (medical note required). Withdrawals for reasons other than health will be processed and refunds issued for the remaining fee left on account (subject to a $100 Administration Fee). (No refunds will be issued after March 1st for SEASON programs or after June 1st for SUMMER programs.)
I have read the above statement and AGREE to the PAYMENT/WITHDRAWAL POLICY*

"MATERIALS" Release: *
• Ovation! creates photographs, images, videos and audio recordings (“materials”)of all Registrants during Ovation!-related activities, and uses the “materials” for educational, promotional/commercial, and instructional purposes, through various media (print, digital, electronic, etc.).
• Once in the public domain, Ovation! may not be able to control the distribution or use of said “materials”, by people/organizations other than Ovation! Representatives.
• This Consent and Release is given in perpetuity and for no consideration, credit, acknowledgement or financial recompense, now or in the future.
• Ovation! will be held harmless for any claims, actions, debts, damages, injuries or losses that may arise or be incurred as a result of the taking, use, publication or distribution of the “materials”, and is indemnified against any third party claims, actions, damages, injuries or losses brought or assessed against or incurred by Ovation! for the use of the “materials”.

I have read the above statements and AGREE to the MATERIALS RELEASE.*

MEDICAL Release: *
• There are inherent physical risks associated with dance, movement and performing arts in general.
• Personal caution and responsibility for safe practices is expected from all Registrants, and is practiced and emphasized by all Ovation! staff.
• The Registrant is deemed medically fit to undertake the ‘normal’ physical requirements inherent in a dance and performing arts program.
• Ovation! and its staff are released from all claims for injuries or damages arising from the Registrant’s participation during any Ovation! program at any facility/location.
• Permission is granted to Ovation! staff to arrange for emergency medical care and transportation should it be deemed necessary.

I have read the above statements and AGREE to the MEDICAL RELEASE.*

I understand that there may be costume fees associated with my chosen course/camp, and that details will be provided separately.
I agree to pay additional fees as requested for costume requirements, up to a maximum of $100 per course/camp.*

Please Note:

• Depending on age and previous training and experience, an audition or personal diagnostic assessment may be required for some course placements.
• All fees are subject to HST
• If you have any questions about this form or our programs, please Contact Us via email ( or by phone at 1-877-229-ARTS (2787).
Courses, camps and schedules are subject to change. You will be contacted should any changes impact your registration.

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